Newborn Carrier Review (Nesting Days)

Newborn Carrier
What It Is

This is a baby carrier that will fit all your needs. The Nesting Days Newborn Carrier is an excellent way for mom and child to start life out connected, skin-to-skin, and heart-to-heart.

It's easy to use, with no complicated buckles, straps, or wrapping. To use it, simply find the elastic handles on the inner waist, step in, and pull it to your bra line. Raise the left shoulder and locate the leg opening. Then, position baby into the pouch between the inner waist and shoulder. Pulling the wings snugly over your baby's back, adjust the legs and tie it.

Why Is It Useful?

The carrier has the sleek and comfortable feel of a baby wrap, but uses a "wing" design that is much easier to put on. The body shaper and skirt can be worn down or pulled up over the baby's bottom for additional support. It is a plus for moms that just gave birth, as it also functions as a postpartum body shaper on the midsection.

Who It’s For

Newborn babies and older.

What To Be Aware Of

It comes in various colors and sizes and it is designed for women to use only. The carrier can be worn "feet-in" (for younger babies) or "feet-out" as baby gets bigger. The carrier is lightweight and machine washable.

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