Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier and Children's Doll Carrier Review (Beluga Baby)

Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier and Children's Doll Carrier
What It Is

The Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier is made from sustainable bamboo fabric with a unique four-way stretch for ultimate comfort. The material is super soft and breathable making baby-wearing a breeze.

To put on the carrier, find the center of the wrap and place it against the center of your chest. Cross the two straps behind your back and over each of your shoulders. Place the baby and pill the two shoulder straps forward over your shoulder, and under the front panel. Cross the straps again, this time in front of you. Bring the straps behind you and tie them off in a double knot.

The doll carrier is a cute mini-carrier so toddlers can match their parents and enjoy their very own baby-carrying experience. The doll carriers come in the same colors as the full-size versions for perfect parent and child matching!

Why Is It Useful?

Carrying your little one in a wrap comforts the baby, promotes bonding, and helps reduce crying.

The doll carrier can be used with stuffed animals and dolls of all sizes, making it possible for kids to enjoy their very own baby-carrying experience.

Who It’s For

The baby carrier is recommended for newborns and older weighing up to 25 lbs.

What To Be Aware Of

Both the Baby Wrap Carrier and the Children's Doll Carrier are machine-washable and come in various colors sold separately.

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