Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Ella and Pia Review (IMC Toys)

Cry Babies Tutti Frutti Ella and Pia
What It Is

Cry Babies cry real tears, and the idea is to comfort them with a cuddle, a hug or give them to mommy to help stop them crying, and in return they make adorable baby noises. Same cute fun, but this time they come in scented outfits which are delicious!

Ella is a gorgeous strawberry with a really positive, funny and cheerful personality. She is dressed in a red strawberry looking onesie, with the green stem on top and a flower on the side of the onesie. And you guessed it! Ella smells like strawberries!

Pia is a pineapple with the same sweet personality. She's dressed in a yellowy orange onesie, with the green stem on top and a pink flower on the side of her onesie. And, yes, she smells like pineapple!

Each doll has a hidden cap under their hood with a screw top where you can fill it up with water. Take out their pacifier and they'll start crying like a real baby! Help soothe your Cry Baby by putting the pacifier back in their mouth or by gently laying them down.

Is It Fun?

The scent on both dolls are great! Kids can play out fun scenarios and the tears really do come out which will be a fun way to create new fun adventures.

Who It’s For

Cry Babies are great fun for kids ages 18 months and up. It's fun for kids to see someone like them cry and for those who enjoy doll playing.

What To Be Aware Of

The tears do make quite a mess.

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