Barbie Extra Dolls Review (Mattel)

Barbie Extra Dolls
What It Is

Want a little extra from your Barbie doll play? Check out the new line of Barbie Extra dolls, new friends and pets rocking unique styles and tons of accessories. Following the vein of Barbie Fashionistas, the dolls in this collection have different skin tones, facial sculpts, and body types. But these dolls have more extravagant hairstyles, bold color choices, and over-the-top fashions.

There are actually five dolls in the initial lineup, and we're showing three of them in our video review.

The first look is an African-American Barbie doll wearing a furry rainbow coat with a two-piece red-and-black athleisure outfit underneath. She wears socks and glitter boots, and accessorizes with "Shine Bright" statement sunglasses, a cloud clutch, and gold chain-inspired jewelry. Her hair goes big with two afro-puffs styled with two long braids. Her pet poodle is extra, too, wearing star-shaped sunglasses, pink heels, and carrying its own purse with three pink dog biscuits. This doll has a confetti star on the front of its package.

The curvy Look 2 doll wears a cloud-print top and white mesh tights underneath an iridescent dress with ruffled skirt. A neon green beanie hat sits atop the doll's very long pink and purple hair. Layered necklaces and dangly earrings make a statement. The doll also wears two bracelets, white sneakers, and thin silver sunglasses. She carries a translucent gem-shaped purse. Her shaggy white puppy wears a statement collar with the word "Boss" hanging from it. A confetti gem is on the front of this box.

And Look 3 features traditional Barbie wearing a furry pink coat with a silver tank top and star-patterned jeans. There are wings on her white boots to match the wings of her pet flying pig. This doll also has extra-long hair that is crimped, with two sections in the front pulled up into buns and styled with hair pins. This doll carries a candy bar clutch that says "Sweet", a gummy bear ring, lots of silver jewelry, and pearl-accented sunglasses. The pig, with a unicorn horn crown of flowers, sits atop a cloud bed. This doll's box has a confetti gummy bear on the front.

These dolls are also very poseable because, as fashion trendsetters, they are always ready to strike a pose.

Is It Fun?

These dolls have such a cool look that will be very aspirational to young fashionistas. There's a lot of color and glitter, and the more dolls kids collect, the more they can mix and match all the fashions and accessories to style up their own extra-fierce Barbie doll. We like the diversity in the line and the inclusion of the super cute pets, and think these dolls will inspire a lot of imaginative play.

Who It’s For

Barbie Extra Dolls are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

All of the Barbie Extra dolls are sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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