Peekaboo Light-Up Bunny, Learn & Play Bath Books, and Fabric Books Set Review (BabyBibi)

Peekaboo Light-Up Bunny, Learn & Play Bath Books, and Fabric Books Set
What It Is

Peekaboo Light-Up Bunny is a soft interactive stuffed bunny. It features large and easy to use interactive buttons for a light-up tummy, peekaboo ears, songs, and phrases to help stimulate creativity and develop senses. The bunny has two play modes and can be used either during the day with fun phrases and theme songs or during the night with bedtime phrases and soothing lullabies.

The Learn & Play Bath Books are floating waterproof books to literally learn and play while bathing. This color recognition set of books will not only entertain but also provide educational possibilities. Each soft and squishy book focus on a different color: yellow, red, blue, and green. And each color is corresponding with illustrations of different subjects. The color recognition system will engage the child and will enable them to learn quickly about the colors and the world around them. Ergonomically designed pages will help develop fine motor skills as the baby flips the pages.

The Fabric Books Set will transform playtime into a magical spectacle with happy fruits, ocean friends, colorful numbers, and letters. The set includes 6 educational books that support brain development, including early reading and math skills, creativity, color recognition, and more.

Is It Fun?

The Peekaboo Light-Up Bunny is soft and provides stimulation or a soothing environment depending on your child's needs. The Learn & Play Bath Books educates the baby about the colors while developing fine motor skills. The Fabric Books Set are educational books great for play and learning.

Who It’s For

The Peekaboo Light-Up Bunny and the Learn & Play Bath Books are recommended for babies six months and up.

The Fabric Books Set is recommended for babies 3 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Peekaboo Light-Up Bunny requires 2 AA batteries not included.

The Fabric Books Set is made of safe and soft material, non-machine washable.

The Bunny retails for $39.99, the Learn & Play Bath Books retails for $15.99, and the Fabric Books Set retails for $23.99.

  • Is It Useful?

  • Is It Worth It?

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required