Portable Bottle Warmer Pro Set Review (Baby's Brew)

Portable Bottle Warmer Pro Set
What It Is

This cordless portable bottle warmer and formula dispenser will have you covered so you can leave the house 100% confident about feeding your baby.

The Baby's Brew Portable Warmer Bottle is cordless and battery-operated that warms milk, water, and even formula. It has long battery life, holding up to 8 to 12h.

To check the battery life, push the button on the bottom of the warmer.

To use the bottle warmer, remove the lid, attach the bottle, press the bottom to turn it on, turn it so the bottle is on the top, and wait until it is ready.

To use the formula dispenser, open it and fill the bottom with formula. Then close it, turn it upside down and push to release the formula.

Why Is It Useful?

It features an adjustable temperature function from 80 to 110 degrees so you can get it right for your little one and has slow-heat technology to ensure that all nutrients are preserved, and there are no hot spots.

Who It’s For

The bottle warmer fits most wide neck bottles, and if it is not compatible with your bottle, there are adapters sold separately for a perfect fit.

What To Be Aware Of

The Pro set comes with a bottle warmer, a detachable formula dispenser, and a charging cord.

Expect your baby's bottle to be ready in 5-10 minutes.

The dispenser is machine washable and simple to use: one push equals 1 scoop of formula.

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