Lola, Zoe, Robyn, and Lucy Fashion Dolls Review (I'm A Girly)

Lola, Zoe, Robyn, and Lucy Fashion Dolls
What It Is

Here we have four dolls, all with different names and styles, but each one offers the same fun styling play! Here we have Lola. She has blue eyes and long silky purple hair. She is dressed in a glittery pink sequin two-piece dress and pink ballerina slippers.

While many other dolls just allow you to change their clothes, the I'm A Girly Dolls also have wigs that make it possible to change up their hairstyles! They come in a variety of colors and can be cut and styled. Grab a pair of scissors, and carefully cut her hair. The hair is incredibly realistic and soft so it is easy to style. Plus, the hair can always be switched out for a new do, so you can be creative without fear of permanently messing up.

To change out the wigs loosen the two string ends at the back of the head and pull the wig out of the notch. Proceed to style again and again! Take the new wig, place it into the notch on the back of the head and pull the wig slowly over the head until it is fixed in the notch at the front as well. Now simply tie the two ends of the string.

What's a nice addition is that you can change the box into a switching room, giving her her own space to change up her new look!

Is It Fun?

Delicate details such as manicured nails, dainty eyelashes, and kind facial expression. Changing up their hair is easy. Tons of creativity is involved and the outfits can be changed with one another.

Who It’s For

Kids ages 3 and up who enjoy doll playing will love adding these to their collection. It's a new way to play and great way to get their imaginations growing.

What To Be Aware Of

The set only comes with the wig on the dolls head. Extras must be purchased separately and styling the hair can be a bit difficult.

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