Catnip Toys Review (Other)

Catnip Toys
What It Is

With the Whisker City Catnip Cyclone, all you have to do is add the catnip to the center to get started. Catnip is included in a resealable bag. A track with an included exercise ball surrounds the center and as your cat bats the ball around, the movement creates a catnip breeze that spreads the catnip smell to keep your cat engaged.

The SmartyKat Cat Caves Catnip Infused Paper Bags are large paper bags that come two in a pack. They are large enough to fit cats of all sizes. Just open them up and let your cat climb inside. As they move around, the bag is supposed to release a catnip scent.

Also from SmartyKat, the Catnip Kiss Compressed Catnip Ball concentrates the catnip into a small ball, about 2 inches in diameter. It is designed to be mess-free, allowing your cat to play without leaving catnip flakes all over your house. Your cat can bat and chase the ball, which is supposed to emanate a catnip smell as it's played with that will energize your cat.

The Nighttime Catnip Rolls from Petstages are so named because they are made from a soft, nylon material that's quite and won't wake you up if your cat likes to play in the middle of the night. They come in a pack of three and each roll is filled with catnip to attract your cat's interest. They can chase, stalk, bite, kick, and swat at the toys.

The Kong Refillables is a plush beaver, about four inches long, that comes with a closable vial of fresh catnip, which Kong says to store in the freezer to prolong the freshness. Once you fill the toy with catnip, give to your cat to pounce and play as they try to get the catnip out. When the freshness wears off, the catnip can be refilled. The toy is also machine washable with catnip removed.

Is It Fun?

The Whisker City Cyclone can be fun whether your cat enjoys catnip or not. When it was filled with catnip, one of the cats liked trying to get it out. The other cat simply enjoyed hitting the ball around the ring. Even after having this around for months, they keep going back to it.

There isn't much to entice the cats to the SmartyKat Catnip Infused Paper Bags because it won't release the catnip scent until your cat starts moving it around. Even when they were in the bag, it didn't seem to give off much of a scent. Your success with this item will depend on the type of cat you have. It's definitely geared toward curious cats that like to exlpore or sit in empty bags and boxes. Skittish cats probably won't enjoy it as much.

The SmartyKat Catnip Kiss Compressed Ball did not seem to entertain the cats. There was nothing to generate their interest in the toy, and they gave up on it after hitting it around just a couple of times. Normally, catnip affects them a lot but they did not have a strong reaction to this product.

The Petstages Nighttime Catnip Rolls for the first 15 minutes we gave them to the cats, but they lost interest after that. It could be because the catnip lost its freshness. Unfortunately, there is no way to refill this toy with fresh catnip.

The Kong Refillables Plush is not very fun on its own, but when filled, we think catnip-loving cats will enjoy it. It did a good job emitting a catnip scent and kept one of our cats really engaged trying to get the catnip out.

Who It’s For

Cats that are affected by catnip and attracted to the scent.

What To Be Aware Of

The Petstages Catnip Nighttime Rolls come three in a pack, but you have to open the whole package at once even if you only want to use one or two rolls. Because of this, you won't be able to keep the other roll or rolls fresh after you open it.

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