Water Bottles For Dogs Review (Other)

Water Bottles For Dogs
What It Is

If you've ever tried to give your dog water directly from a bottle, you probably know it can be messy and waste a lot of water. But it's not always possible to bring their bowl with you wherever you go. Luckily these four water bottles, designed specifically for dogs, try to solve that problem by combining a water bottle and bowl into one unit.

This Poochables Traveler 2-in-1 Food & Water Dog Feeder is a compact container that stores water in the clear plastic bottle on the top, while the bottom part detaches to double as a food bowl. It holds 15 oz. of water and a little more than a cup of food. You can unscrew the bottom when you want to fill it with food or feed your dog and screw it back on when you're done. Make sure it's locked in place by rotating until you hear it click. To give them water, flip the bottle out of the case, which doubles as a bowl, and squeeze the water into it. This can take a while so you can also just unscrew the bottle and pour the water into the dish.  It's designed to be leak proof with a valve that automatically seals when the bottle is not in use and automatically opens when the bottle is in the use position.

The dog bowl bottle lite is a 50 oz. bottle made from Asobu's BPA-free Tritan plastic material. Just unscrew the cap, fill it up like you would a normal bottle, and screw the cap back on. Make sure it's closed tight or it will leak. Though it's made of plastic, the material feels durable and high quality. According to Asobu, the Tritan material is heavy duty and shock and scratch resistant. The silicone bowl stays securely on the bottom of the bottle, and slides off easily when it's time for a water break. An anti-slip base helps keep it in place as your dog is drinking.

The Gourd by Kurgo is another item that doubles as a regular water bottle for people and a water bowl for dogs. You drink from the top of it, and the cup for your dog comes off the bottom easily. It snaps back on securely and won't fall off as you are carrying it around. It holds 24 fluid oz. of water.

The Riogoo Dog Water Bottle comes with a built-in filter to ensure your dog is drinking clean water. We like its sleek look and the stretchy strap at the top which makes it easy and comfortable to carry around. To use this bottle, you add water to the top part where the filter is, then pull the cover off the bottom and push the button to fill it with water. This can be done one-handed. However, because you can't just pour the water into the dish, it comes out pretty slowly, and you'll have to keep your thirsty dog waiting. This is a 12 oz. bottle and holds the least amount of water out of all the bottles we tested.

Why Is It Useful?

The Poochables 2-in-1 is useful for travel because it is lightweight, compact, and easier to pact than two separate bowls. It can fit easily inside a backpack, or use the handle on top to carry it. We had no issues with water leakage, however the food bowl would not stay locked onto the bottle and would frequently spill out food.

The Asobu can carry 50 oz. of water, which is enough that it saves you the need to pack two different bottles for you and your pup.

The Gourd carries 24 fluid oz. of water and is a great smaller alternative to the Asobu. Whereas the Asobu is convenient for when you have two dogs or a larger dog in tow, the Gourd is a good option for owners to share with smaller dogs who drink less water.

The Riogoo bottle can be filled up one-handed, which is convenient if you are using the other hand to hold a leash or carry other stuff. However, because you can't just pour the water into the dish, it comes out pretty slowly, and you'll have to keep your thirsty dog waiting.

Who It’s For

Dog owners that like to bring their dogs on hikes, picnics, road trips, or anywhere else where they may have to hydrate on-the-go.

What To Be Aware Of
The Poochables bottle carries 15 oz. of water; the Asobu holds 50 oz.; the Kurgo holds 24 oz.; and the Riogoo stores 12 oz. 
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