Chew Toys for Dogs Review (Other)

Chew Toys for Dogs
What It Is

Stop your dog from chewing on your shoes, furniture, and more with one of these chew toys.

The rubber dumbbell from Neorod is a chew toy, treat toy, and dental toy all in one. It's large but hollow and light, and geared toward medium and large breeds. The manufacturer says it releases a bacon scent to appeal to your dog, but we could only detect a strong rubber smell. There are holes on each side where you can drop in food or treats. And the 3-D particles are supposed to help massage your dog's gums and clean their teeth as they chew.

From Ethical Products Spot brand, the Scent-sations are another scented chew toy. These are made from rubber and have a bacon scent that's actually pretty accurate. If you're sensitive to strong, artificial smells, you might not love it but your dog probably will. You can find the Scent-sations in three different shapes: a bone, a trident, or a ball. Each product comes in a smaller and larger size to suit dogs of all sizes. These toys include a lot of ridges and bumps to give your dog a tooth and gum massage.

The Bambones Plus are another scented chew toy from Spot. Unlike the flexible, soft rubber toys, these are hard and made from nylon and bamboo fibers. This material won't be as gentle for dog's with sensitive teeth or teething puppies. They mimic the look, shape, and size of a stick but the texture is much smoother with some ridges. You can find them in either a beef-scented branch shape or a chicken-scented bamboo stalk shape.

Finally, there's Spot's Barrett Ball, which claims to be virtually indestructible. It was designed by a U.S. military veteran who wanted to give his service dog a toy that he couldn't destroy. The largest size is a 5-inch ball weighing about 2 lbs., with a medium size measuring 4 inches and a small size measuring 2.5 inches. Each ball is one solid unit of rubber with no seams to prevent ripping and tearing.

Is It Fun?

The Neorod dumbbell has a really unique design that creates a lot of textures we think your dog to be drawn to. My dog enjoyed trying to rip out the little bumps on the sides and didn't even leave a mark on this toy. But we found that smaller dogs did not take an interest in this item.

Across the board, our dogs found the Scent-sations pretty irresistible, plus it was super durable.

Spot's Bambones are a great alternative for dogs that like to chew or play fetch with sticks. Some of our more aggressive chewers could have played with this all day if we let them.

The Barrett Ball is smooth and doesn't have the textured surface that appeals to a lot of chewers. If your dog doesn't mind that, then we think they'll get a lot out of this toy. The small size in particular is great for tennis ball-lovers because it's roughly the same size but lasts much longer.

Who It’s For

Aggressive chewers with a tendency to rip apart their toys (and sticks, shoes, furniture, etc).

What To Be Aware Of

Because it is not soft, the Bambone doesn't rip apart, however the gnawing caused it to start chipping away pieces of the toy. We started to see bite marks pretty early on. Once this gets too worn down, you may have to toss it to avoid your dog injuring their teeth and gums, or accidentally swallowing pieces.

The Barrett Ball is extremely heavy, which makes it hard to throw for fetch. It's also quite bouncy, and the medium and large size especially could easily bounce up and hit something or someone. We would recommend rolling the ball instead of throwing it or just keeping playtime outside to avoid damaging something or hurting someone. Because of its weight, the larger version of the ball might be difficult for your dog to pick up. We think the medium size or even the small size could still be suitable for many large breed dogs.

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