Chew/Tug Toys Review (Other)

Chew/Tug Toys
What It Is

Are you still in search of a chew toy that will last more than a couple of days? From chewing, to fetch, to tug of war, these toys offer lots of way to play.

The Molar Bite Toy from Charminer is a soft, textured ball on a rope for your dog to chew on. On one end of the rope is a suction cup that you can press down onto a smooth floor or wall so your pet can tug the other end. Keep them occupied while you go run errands or work from home.

The Julius-K9 Cotton/Nylon Tug is available with one handle or two. According to Julius-K9, they are used in dog bite training because the slippery material motivates dogs to bite down harder. The company says that the nylon-enhanced material makes the toys bite-proof while the inside is the same material used in mattresses to make the toy resilient.

Also from Julius-K9, there's the IDC Neon Fluorescent Ball with closable handle. This is a squishy ball made of silicone and the material is soft. There's also a hole where the rope attaches to the ball where you could stuff a few treats and use it as a puzzle feeder. There's a rope attached to this, so technically you could use it for tug as well.

If you've got an aggressive chewer, you're in luck! This dog chew ring by Gucho is made of a durable rubber that our dogs loved to gnaw on. With its ridges and bumps, the unique texture of this ring will appeal to chewers. Its nubs are designed to clean your dog's teeth and gums.

Is It Fun?

You may have trouble getting your dog interested in the Charminer Molar Bite Toy. A lot of the fun of playing tug of war for them is interacting with a human or another pet. So a ball on a rope may not be too exciting.

The Julius-K9 tugs offer a lot of different ways to play. The handles make it easy for you to play tug with your dog, or two dogs can play tug with each other. These are also lightweight, making them easy to throw for fetch. The texture is appealing to chewers and soft on their teeth. This was especially popular with some teething puppies. We had no issue getting our dogs interested in these toys.

The Julius-K9 IDC Neon Fluorescent Ball is best used for fetch. It has a good bounce when thrown and an irregular shape that will make its movement unpredictable, and that will make your dog excited to chase after it. The dogs were less interested in using it for tug or playing with it on its own.

Gucho's Dog Chew Ring features a unique texture that will appeal to chewers while the ring shape makes it easy to grip for playing tug. It is tough and resistant to lots of wear and tear.

Who It’s For

Playful dogs that enjoy a lot of activities including chewing, playing fetch, and tug.

What To Be Aware Of

Charminer's Molar Bite Toy fell apart almost right away. The rope frayed very easily and in one instance ripped apart from the ball. The dogs were also able to easily chew through the suction cup and tear off pieces of it. Not only does this ruin the toy's ability to suction to anything, it puts your dog at risk of accidentally ingesting pieces of their toy.

Julius-K9's tugs also started to fray from the chewing and tugging, and one of the dogs chewed a hole through the end of the single-handle tug.

Gucho's dog chew ring was very durable but just in case, the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product.

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