MEGA Construx Halo Infinite Pelican Inbound Review (Mattel)

MEGA Construx Halo Infinite Pelican Inbound
What It Is

Build out a scene straight from a video game with the MEGA Construx Halo Infinite Pelican Inbound construction set. This comes with 2,024 pieces for building the Pelican, the massive dropship seen in the Halo Infinite video game. But you can also rebuild it into a huge UNSC compound by following online building instructions.

We built the Pelican in this video, and it took several hours to complete due to the sheer number of pieces. But it ends up looking really cool. The Pelican has poseable wings, an opening cockpit hatch, and working landing gear. You can even open it up to reveal the hidden interior where Master Chief was brought back online.

The set also includes three collectible micro action figures, all with 12 points of articulation and weapon accessories. Display Master Chief, The Pilot, and a Hunter on their display stands or pose them up for all sorts of action-packed play.

Is It Fun?

This set will be great for Halo fans who also love building construction sets. You'll need some patience to get to the end result, but once built, fans will appreciate the detail and moving parts that bring the video game to life.

Who It’s For

The Pelican Inbound construction set will be fun for Halo fans ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This set has a lot of pieces, so it's going to take several hours to complete.

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