Inky's Fortune Review (Mattel)

Inky's Fortune
What It Is

The set comes with the game base, 16 gems, 1 Octopus and 1 ink blob. Before you begin to play you need to set up all the gems into the Gems Base, twisting them back and forth. If the gems don't sit upright, place it into a different hole. When all gems are in place, jiggle them to make sure they move freely. Now it's time to lift up the flap on the octopus and insert the ink blob! Blob end first! Hear it click, his eyes close and now you're ready for the game to begin!

The object of the game is to have the most gems at the end of the game. Now, he may look like he's dozing, but if a player tries to take his treasure too quickly, he'll spring into action and blast his Ink Blob! Each turn, players try to remove a "Gem" by slowly twisting and turning it from its hole. If the player manages to safely pull out the "Gem" without tickling Inky's tentacles, they get to keep it. Different "Gems" provide different challenges, so players will have to be patient and skillful as they try to remove them all. The player who has the most "Gems" when all the treasure has been collected wins the game.

Is It Fun?

The game teaches patience. Helps develop manual dexterity and motor skills. Multiple players can play and it's an easy game to understand.

Who It’s For

Inky's Fortune is designed for two to four players and makes a great gift for kids five years and older.

What To Be Aware Of

It takes a lot of patience so some kids may get frustrated easily.

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