Herd Mentality Review (Big Potato Games)

Herd Mentality
What It Is

A good game is one that's easy and quick to describe. Game play is really easy; Questions are read. The object of the game is to write down the answer you think others will also write.

You see what answer is the most common, and anyone who had the answer wins a cow.

Here are some samples questions: What's the most boring sport to watch?

Golf or bowling?

You're wearing a new white shirt. What meal should you avoid?

Pasta? Lobster?

Who's the toughest Disney Princess?

Name a famous Jennifer.

The questions are easy, but the game changes depending on who you're playing with.

Now if you answer a question, and you're the only one that didn't match someone else's answer, it means you're the odd one out and get the pink cow. As long as you have the pink cow, you can't win.

Play until someone has 8 tokens or you can always make the game longer or shorter.

Is It Fun?

Bottom line, this game is easy to play, and we all had fun. You need to think how others in the room will answer, so that could change your answers.

Who It’s For

This game is age graded 10+ so tweens up to grandparents can have fun with this game.

What To Be Aware Of

Really nothing negative to say about this game. You'll even want to make up your own questions.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions