Treat Dispensing Toys Review (Other)

Treat Dispensing Toys
What It Is

Does your dog gobble up their food within seconds? Or maybe they're a grazer and take hours to finish one meal. Neither of these habits is good for their digestion, but these treat toys are here to help. They encourage your dog to eat at a healthy pace while adding some mental stimulation and physical activity to their mealtimes.

The fouFIT Bumper Treat Ball is a textured rubber ball with an opening on one end that you fill with treats. Then, your dog must roll and push the ball around to make the treats spill out. It comes in two different sizes; a small one for small breeds and a bigger one for medium breeds, though we found the bigger size to be suitable for large breeds as well. The unique shape and texture of this toy will appeal to dogs, and once they start playing, with it, the toy dispenses food fairly easily. We'd just recommend sticking to small, breakable dry treats because anything else could get stuck inside the toy. So, avoid peanut butter or anything sticky like that.

The Pamlulu Puzzle Treat Ball is a UFO-shaped textured rubber toy that smells vaguely sweet. According to the manufacturer, it is scented like milk to appeal to dogs, though it's hard to tell whether dogs actually pick up on this. It's made with a strong and durable textured rubber that holds up to chewing, scratching, and getting thrown around. It only comes in one size, geared more toward medium and large dogs, so the size and weight may be off-putting to smaller breeds.

The Treat Dispensing Tumbler Toy from HappyPets World requires your pet to bat it around to make the treats fall out. Twist off the cute smiley face lid on top, and move the slider on the bottom to cover or uncover the openings where the treats fall out. You can have both openings uncovered, one covered and one uncovered, or both covered while you are filling up the toy with food. The slider allows you to control how quickly you want the toy to dispense food. However, it can take a few tries to get it to a place where the treats are not all falling out at once, but they are also not getting stuck inside the opening. As the toy wobbles around on the ground, it will release the treats. We think that dogs will get the hang of this one pretty quickly.

Is It Fun?

The fouFIT ball is really the best of both worlds. Even after our dogs finished the treats inside, they loved playing with the toy as just a regular ball. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to throw and ideal for fetch. For dogs that are chewers, the texture and bumps are intended to stimulate the gums while the smooth thermoplastic rubber material is soft on their teeth.

The Pamlulu ball is better as a chew toy than as a food dispenser. The hole where the treats are supposed to fall out is so small that treats can get stuck inside easily. Unless you think your dog will have the attention span and motivation to stick with this for a while, you may have to help them get the food out of this one.

The HappyPets World tumbler is great for dispensing treats, but the fun ends once it is all out of food. It doesn't offer many features that will keep your dog occupied for a long time. We would not recommend it as a chew toy, because the hard plastic material doesn't seem like it would weather a lot of chewing. Nor is it ideal for fetch, because of all the pieces that could come apart if it's tossed around a lot.

Who It’s For

Food-motivated dogs of all sizes that love a challenge, or dogs that could benefit from healthier eating habits.

What To Be Aware Of

With all of these toys, we recommend using small, dry, breakable treats or kibble. Anything too big or too sticky could get stuck inside of them.

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