SideKick Plus 3-in-1 Hip Seat Carrier Review (Chicco)

SideKick Plus 3-in-1 Hip Seat Carrier
What It Is

This carrier will grow with your child while making carrying easier and comfortable for both parent and child.

The SideKick Plus 3-in-1 Hip Seat Carrier features a two-piece system that can be worn in 3 different modes.

Use the Mode 1, Infant Carrier, to comfortably carry and bond with your baby facing inward without the hip seat. Use the Mode 2, Hip Seat Carrier, with the hip seat to provide a comfortable and natural sitting position with the baby facing inward, outward, or backpack position. And use Mode 3, Hip Seat, to keep the child stable and eliminate the hassle of back and forth juggling. The carrier features a zip-off panel with a soft and breathable mesh on the baby's back for ventilation, a detachable hood for privacy and protection, and padded and ergonomic shoulder straps for comfort.

To use the carrier on Mode 1, wrap the Waist Belt around your waist, buckle, adjust the straps, and rotate the carrier. Sit on a chair and spread out the Infant Carrier on your lap. Place the child, locate the Child Leg Buckles, and attach them. While securely holding the child, place both shoulder straps over your shoulders, adjust the straps until the child is closely positioned against the chest, and attach the Back Buckle.

On Mode 2, Hip Seat Carrier, the sturdy, non-slip seat provides stability and evenly distributes weight to reduce strain. To assemble the Hip Seat Carrier, remove the Carrier Waist Belt, zip together the carrier and the hip seat, and hook and loop the straps to secure it. Then, Wrap the Waist Belt around your waist and buckle it. To place baby inward and outward it is the same instructions as Mode 1. To use it on the backpack position, place the child as you would for the other modes, and slide one shoulder strap off of your shoulder. Using that same arm, slide the arm between your chest and the infant carrier. Grab the opposite shoulder strap, and while holding onto the child securely, rotate the carrier onto your back. Then slide both arms into the shoulder straps. You can also ask someone to help you place the child in.

Mode 3, Hip Seat, can be used with child-parent facing, carrying on hip and outward-facing by simply wrapping the Waist Belt around your waist and buckling it. The hip seat features a structured waist belt with lumbar support for parent comfort and is designed to fit waists 23"-46 and has an easy to reach pocket.

Why Is It Useful?

The SideKick Plus 3-in-1 Hip Seat Carrier features a two-piece system that can be worn in 3 different modes.

Who It’s For

The infant carrier, Mode 1, is designed for children weighing 7.5-33 lbs.

The hip seat carrier, Mode 2, is designed for children 6 months-33 lbs.

The hip seat, Mode 3, is designed for children 4 months-33 lbs.

What To Be Aware Of

It is available in two colors: Denin and Titanium and is not machine washable.

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