Insta Studio and Butter Cloudz Review (WeCool Toys)

Insta Studio and Butter Cloudz
What It Is

Do you love playing with slime? Do you love making videos of yourself playing with slime? New slime toys from WeCool will keep you engaged in lots of tactile fun.

Butter Cloudz is a tub of scented pre-made slime. This is three pounds of slime! Scents include cotton candy, banana, and grape. And boy, do they smell good. All you have to do is remove the lid and dip your hands into the soft-as-buttah slime.

If you want to make your own slime and viral videos, the Insta Studio has everything you need. There are three scented compounds with lots of mix-ins and glitter for customizing the pre-made slime. There's also a hands-free video station that holds your phone while you record top-down videos of playing with the slime. Choose one of the two backgrounds, adjust the camera arm to get just the right angle, and then hit record as you stretch and smoosh the slime. Share your videos with your friends or online, as long as you have parent permission. You could even use the Insta Studio to make other kinds of videos, from cooking and crafting to toy unboxings.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like playing with slime will have a blast creating their own slimes and just squishing and squeezing these cool compounds. Butter Cloudz is great if you don't have time to make your own slime, and it's got such a cool feel and smell. Insta Studio is perfect for aspiring content creators, plus, it allows kids to get creative by adding mix-ins to the slime.

Who It’s For

Butter Cloudz and the Insta Studio are both for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

To keep your Butter Cloudz slime from drying out, make sure you store it back in the container.

Yes, there is a plastic cup in the middle of the Butter Cloudz tub. We aren't sure why it's there. We removed ours. You could use it as part of the play, we guess.

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