Hedbanz Games Review (Spin Master)

Hedbanz Games
What It Is

What are you today? A Disney character, a wizard from Harry Potter, or maybe a car or an animal? There are all sorts of ways to answer this question with the many different versions of the popular Hedbanz game.

If you don't know how to play, it's really simple. Each player wears a headband and inserts a card without looking at it. The other players are able to see the card, and they answer yes or no questions about what's on it. If you can correctly guess what's on your card before time runs out, you place a scoring badge on your headband.

That's the basic gist of the game, but each version adds fun features and unique game rules. For instance, the Disney Hedbanz game includes Mickey Mouse ears headbands and clue cards that make it easier for younger kids. Younger players might also like Hedbanz Junior, which uses clue cards to help players narrow down their choices.

In the Harry Potter edition, you're guessing characters, creatures, enchanted items, and spells, and you earn chocolate frog tokens for each correct guess.

You can also play traditional Hedbanz in different ways. There's a version that comes with six unique Hedbanz, designed to look like a crown, a sleep mask, a unicorn, and more. And downloading the free Hedbanz app amplifies the gameplay by making cards come to life when scanned into the app.

Is It Fun?

Hedbanz has been a classic family game for years, going through a variety of iterations and themes to keep the guessing gameplay fresh. We like that there are versions for fans of movies, as well as versions that are easier for younger kids to play. No matter which version you choose, it's easy to learn how to play the game and really keeps you guessing.

Who It’s For

These games are for two or more players ages 5 and up, 7 and up, or 8 and up, depending on the game.

What To Be Aware Of

Full reviews of Hedbanz Junior and Hedbanz with the new app are on the TTPM website. 

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