Blankie Tails Barbie Dreamtopia, Disney Princess, and Hot Wheels Review (Blankie Tails)

Blankie Tails Barbie Dreamtopia, Disney Princess, and Hot Wheels
What It Is

Each Blankie Tails blanket is made with soft plush, double-sided minky fabric. The new Disney Princess line allows fans to become their favorite princess from morning till night, with eight different princesses to collect. Today, we have Tiana, Cinderella, and Aurora.

Tiana from the Princess and the Frog, movie comes designed in Tiana's green and yellow dress, but in blankie form!

Then there's Cinderella, also dressed just like in her film. Cinderella in her blue gown from the ball.

Next is, Aurora from the Disney film, Sleeping Beauty! And yes, you guessed it, she too is dressed in her signature infamous pink dress. In each of the Princess blankies, there are holes for kids to slip their arms through so kids can feel like they're wearing their favorite princess' dress.

Barbie fans can make a real splash with the Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Blankie Tail! This comes in a pink scaled design with a rainbow mermaid tail. Unlike the princess blankies, it does not have any arm holes. Instead, kids just climb inside to dream up some deep sea adventures.

Lastly, there's the Hot Wheels blanket which comes in a red fiery 58 numbered car. The detailing on the car is very nice and true fans of Hot Wheels will appreciate this. This blankie does not have any arm holes either; kids can simply slip inside the blanket.

Is It Fun?

They're all machine washable and easy to spot clean. Superb attention to detail and they're very soft to the touch.

Who It’s For

Blankie Tails is recommended for kids who are 3 years and older and who are no taller than 5 feet. It's great for staying cozy at birthdays, sleepovers, travel, or movie night.

What To Be Aware Of

Sold separately.

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