iLY Decorate Your Own Hydro Bottle and Do-It-Yourself Scruncheeze Loom Review (WeCool Toys)

iLY Decorate Your Own Hydro Bottle and Do-It-Yourself Scruncheeze Loom
What It Is

Staying hydrated just got a lot more fun with the iLY Hydro Bottle from Activity Kings! This kit comes with everything kids need to personalize their very own water bottle! It includes two doodle markers in pink and blue, 4 sticker sheets and a BPA Free Water Bottle with twist on cap! Kids can customize their bottles using the pre-designed decals or use the markers to color in the blank stickers. The Hydro Bottle can be fastened onto backpacks, so you can bring it along on all sorts of adventures.

Then there's Activity Kings iLY Scruncheeze Loom! The new iLY Scruncheeze Loom by Activity Kings comes with all the necessary materials to create one-of-a-kind scrunchies: 1 Fabric Glue, 7 Pre-Printed Scrunchee Fabrics, 5 Satin Scrunchee Fabrics, 2 Yards of Elastic Cord, 2 Skins of Fabric Coated Elastic Cord, 3 Premium Charm Designs, 1 Scrunchee Loom Tool and Easy-To-Follow Instructions. Let me show you easy how it works using the Scruncheeze Loom tool-

1. Tie a knot on the end of the elastic cord

2. Stretch the cord onto the Scruncheeze Loom

3. Thread the fabric onto the loom

4. Bring the two ends together and remove the elastic cord, tying the ends together into a knot.

5. Apply a small amount of glue to either ends of the seams and fold them into each other. Let glue dry.

6. Once your scrunchie is complete, personalize with trendy charms!

7. Wear and share your own unique scrunchie!

The kit makes 13 scrunchies that kids can wear themselves or give to friends. The different fabric choices and surprise charms lets kids make every scrunchie unique and add their own personal style to each one.

Is It Fun?

Both of these products encourage creativity. Great DIY projects to keep kids busy. It helps with visual skills and these are very easy to do.

Who It’s For

These two kits, which are sold separately, are perfect for kids ages 6 and up who love DIY or who aspire to be a fashion designer!

What To Be Aware Of

I have one and that's with the iLY Hydro Bottle. Only two markers are included and it would be nice to have more colors.

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