Cat Electronic Toys Review (Other)

Cat Electronic Toys
What It Is

These electronic cat toys will get your cat on their feet for some exercise and playtime.

The Ambush by Pet Fusion is a disc-shaped toy with six openings around the side where a rainbow feather pops in and out suddenly to simulate moving prey. The feather alternates randomly and unpredictably between the openings to tease your cat and grab their attention. It also includes an LED light-up feature and will light up in blue on play mode and in purple on feather-changing mode; press the button to alternate between the two modes. Anti-skid feet on the bottom keep this in place on smooth surfaces while your cat bats and plays. The feather that comes in the toy is pretty sturdy, but this comes with an extra replacement feather just in case.

The Nano Robotic Cat Toy by Hexbug resembles an insect, using vibration technology to scurry around on the floor and drag along its feather tail attached to the back. This toy can figure out how to get away from cats, back out of corners, flip itself over if it gets knocked down, and go in and out of obstacles freely. Even if your cat traps it, the toy can wriggle away and keep them chasing after it. One issue that we had with this toy is that it can only move around freely on smooth flooring such as hardwood. So if your home is mostly carpeted, you may not get a lot of use out of it.

Next up, the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit by Worldwise is a light and motion toy with a plush wand that darts around while hidden beneath a blue covering, as well as moving lights that show through the cover to keep your cat intrigued. The erratic movement of the wand mimics moving prey to keep your cat entertained. There is some slight but easy assembly required to attach the cover, and it only took us a few seconds. The Hot Pursuit offers two speed levels; to start the toy on the first level, press the button in the middle. Then press a second time to speed it up. Also from Worldwise, the SmartyKat Twirly Top is a small battery-powered ball that spins around spontaneously with moving tassels on top for your cat to chase and swat at. This is easy to turn on and off, but will also automatically shut off after 10 minutes to save battery.

Finally, the YoFun 360 from YoFun is another electronic ball (minus the tassels) that invites your cat to chase after it as it randomly and suddenly rolls in different directions on its own. This ball is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord, taking about an hour and a half to charge the toy for up to four hours of play. To turn the product on, press the power button and it will begin spinning around on the floor. A red light will also glow once it is activated to attract your cat. This shuts off automatically after 40 minutes.

Is It Fun?

The Ambush's quick and erratic feather movements were fun for our cats for a little while, but they lost interest after about a week. This toy is very loud, which we think might have turned them off to it.

The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit kept them interested for a very long time, even when it was turned off. They loved batting at the wand and waiting to see where it was going to move next. If our cats could pick a favorite, we think this one is the clear winner.

The SmartyKat Twirly Top was definitely fun for the cats and the tassels kept them engaged for a little while, but it didn't really get them on their feet and focused on interacting with the toy in the same way the other hunting toys did.

Though they were innovative toys, neither the Nano Robotic Cat Toy nor the YoFun 360 seemed to appeal to our cats' hunting instincts, and they preferred to just watch these toys from the sidelines.

Who It’s For

Active cats that like to hunt, chase, and bat at toys.

What To Be Aware Of

The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit requires three AA batteries, which are not included. We had a little bit of difficulty starting this toy, but it turned on after we pushed and held down the button a couple of times. If your cat stands on this, it will not work.

The Ambush, SmartyKat Twirly Top, and YoFun 360 all shut off automatically after a little while to save power, which may interrupt your cat's playtime.

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  • Value

    4 AA batteries required