Micro Machines Car Wash, Tuner Garage, Construction, Fire & Rescue, and Super Van City Playsets Review (Wicked Cool Toys)

Micro Machines Car Wash, Tuner Garage, Construction, Fire & Rescue, and Super Van City Playsets
What It Is

Micro Machines are back in a big way but with that same small play thanks to a new lineup of playsets from Wicked Cool Toys.

The Car Wash Expanding Playset comes with an exclusive vehicle and lots of fun features. Open it up to reveal a folding ramp, a wash station, a working elevator, and an express air tunnel.

Give the exclusive vehicle a tune-up in the Tuner Garage Expanding Playset. It looks like a cargo unit when closed, but it opens to reveal a working elevator that takes cars up to the gravity raceway. There's also a tune-up station with moving platform.

The Construction Expanding Playset unfolds from warehouse to construction site. An exclusive dump truck is included. Drive it up and down on the off-road terrain and send it in and out of the underground tunnels. You can also attach it to the 180-degree rotating crane.

The Fire & Rescue Expanding Playset looks like a firehouse until you open it up to reveal a working elevator, a second floor ramp, a fire exit ramp, and opening garage doors. It also includes an exclusive fire engine.

The Super Van City Transforming Playset goes from van to super city playset, complete with three exclusive vehicles. The playset is two-feet by two-feet large with more than 20 action zones. There's a gas station, a car wash, a police station, a fire station, an airport, a race track, a mountain raceway, and a helipad. Expand the skyscraper, move the elevators, raise the bridge, launch vehicles, take the cars off-roading, and watch out for the wrecking ball. Add five roadway pieces and seven ramps for more space to drive on and off the playset.

All of these playsets can be connected using the universal track pieces that come with each set.

Is It Fun?

These playsets are full of kid-powered action, which will be so much fun for kids who like playing with toy cars. It's so cool to see each playset open up and expand, and kids will love discovering the different features of each one. Plus, the more you collect, the more adventures your Micro Machines can have.

Who It’s For

These Micro Machines playsets are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Micro Machines playset is sold separately.

Assembly of the van is required, and the instructions are not easy to follow. You'll also have to take apart some pieces before folding it from city to van.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty