So Sand DIY Sensory Sand Studio Review (Canal Toys)

So Sand DIY Sensory Sand Studio
What It Is

Next, we have the So Sand DIY Satisfying Kit! Combine DIY and ASMR for this totally satisfying and fun sand kit! The So Sand DIY Sensory Studio includes everything you need to create your own magic sand in just a few simple steps! Each kit contains the sand studio, 3 bags of magic sand, 3 bags of sand colorant, 5 cutting and molding tools, 3 decoration packs, 3 "2-in-1" tools and 1 cup.

Before starting, make sure to protect your work surface. Then it's time to make the color of your sand! Stretch and flatten out the sand with your hands. Next choose the color you want to mix in, pour it all in the middle and start folding the sand on itself. Knead your sand until all the coloring powder has colored the white sand. When it's all mixed in stretch the sand again and pour whichever decoration you want on it.

Now time to mold! Choose your shape and install the tool in the machine. Turn it to fix it. Place the compressed sand on the board and push down to cut the shape into your sand. Remove the excess sand and then you can continue to cut if you'd like! Choose the cutting tool, place it on the machine, press down or turn the tray to cut your sand in another axis! You can also just use this tool to cut your sand. You can also choose to use the 2-in-1 tools to create pretty neat moldings on the sand.

Now here are a few tips in order to keep the best sand textures possible. Sand can change texture depending on the temperature and humidity. Therefore, it's best to keep your sand away from moisture or wet surfaces. And make sure to put the sand back into the reusable bag and close it tightly.

Is It Fun?

Kids can create different designs and ASMR is satisfying and soothing to some.

Who It’s For

The So Sand DIY Satisfying Kit is great for kids ages 6 and up who enjoy DIY crafts and even enjoy those ASMR videos.

What To Be Aware Of

The sand can get messy.

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