Studio Creator Video Maker Kit Review (Canal Toys)

Studio Creator Video Maker Kit
What It Is

Each kit comes with 1 tripod, 1 LED ring light with USB power supply, 1 Smartphone holder, Power & Brightness control and 1 Green Screen plastic sheet. It fits most smartphones and no, a smartphone is not included with the kit, so you'll have to supply your own. The tripod can be adjusted up to 20 inches high. The smartphone holder can rotate easily to let you film any way you want, horizontally or vertically. The ring light is 8 inches in height and has 3 light modes; white, natural and warm, and 10 brightness settings. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to connect the tripod to a USB port, or if you have the box charger just connect it that way and plug it into a wall outlet.

Now if you know anything about green screen, you know this is definitely an added bonus for taking your videos to the next level! Record yourself in front of the green screen, then switch out your background by editing it using your favorite editing apps.

Is It Fun?

The size of the kit itself is surprisingly great. There are different light modes, adjustable height and a green screen plastic sheet is included which allows kids to change up their background! Tons of fun for kids to make themselves the next Tik Tok star.

Who It’s For

With this kit, the possibilities are endless! Use the Studio Creator to showcase your talent in tutorials, create music videos, perform unboxings, record home videos, and so much more!

What To Be Aware Of

Although the green screen is included, the size isn't very big and won't cover a lot of space when creating.

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