Funko Holiday Card Games Review (Funko)

Funko Holiday Card Games
What It Is

What could be more fun than watching your favorite Christmas movies? Playing card games inspired by them! Funko's lineup of holiday card games includes Christmas movie classics that the whole family can play.

Frosty the Snowman is a follow the leader card game played cooperatively. The object is to line up kid cards to match what's shown on the parade tile without running out of Frosty cards. Players take turns doing one of three actions: playing a Frosty card to move that kid tile forward or backward one spot in the parade, playing a Frosty card along with another player to swap the spots of two kid tiles, or discarding Frosty cards and drawing new ones. A Hocus Pocus card is wild and can be played as any kid. At the end of your turn, draw a new Frosty card. For an easy game, complete three parade tiles. For a hard game, complete all five parade tiles.

Elf Snowball Showdown is a snowball fight with cards. One player plays snowball cards against another player. That player tries to dodge the snowballs by rolling the die. If he doesn't dodge, he has to draw cards from the pile and take a Hit card. The Buddy card gives you the opportunity to give a Hit card to the snowball thrower or dodge snowballs. And if you have cards that match the color of the thrower's cards with an equal or higher total, you can counter the throw and potentially make the thrower take a Hit card. Have you guessed that Hit cards are bad yet? If you get three Hit cards, you're out of the game. The last player standing wins.

The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Twinkling Lights Game makes untangling Christmas lights more fun. On your turn, place a light tile next to another tile. If you've made a pattern of lights that matches a pattern on a card in your hand, you score. But beware of Broken Wire tiles. If you score all of your pattern cards before your opponents, you win!

The Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game is a fast-paced game of matching gremlins. Each player gets a location card, and then takes turns flipping gremlin cards onto their location. After a card is flipped, if there are two matching gremlins on top of two different locations, the first two players to slap the matching gremlins take all the cards at the location they slapped. If a card is flipped that matches the top gremlin at the same location, the first player to slap it takes all those cards. Special cards change things up. If you flip a Multiply card, you have to immediately flip three cards from your deck onto your location. If you flip a Gizmo card, the first players to slap any other location cards take all those cards. And if you flip the Sunrise card, the first player to slap that location takes all those cards. The Sunrise card also determines when the game ends, so if it's been played twice, the game is over. The player with the most cards wins.

A Christmas Story A Major Card Game even comes with a replica leg lamp. In this memory game, you must find Ralphie's most sought-after gifts. Players take turns doing one of three actions: They can swap one of their cards with a card in the middle of the table, they can dare an opponent to swap cards with them, or they can announce the location of the Decoder Pin and BB Gun and open the presents. You get to peek at any card you take this face-down, but then you put a Peek token on it. Once a card has a Peek token from all players on it, the card gets flipped over. Whoever has the Leg Lamp Marker also gets additional actions: Triple-Dog-Dare to swap cards with an opponent, a free peek at one of your cards, or refusing a dare without penalty. The player who correctly finds the Decoder Pin and BB Gun wins the game. (Just make sure you aren't holding a Bully card.) If a player is incorrect, everyone else keeps playing.

Is It Fun?

All of these games appeal to fans of the movies and will be a lot of fun to play around the holiday season. You could even play while watching the movie! For the most part, the games are easy to learn how to play, and they won't take that long to play. We like that each game is very different and accurately reflects some of the key elements of the movie.

Who It’s For

Frosty the Snowman is for two to four players ages 4 and up.

Elf Snowball Snowdown is for three to six players ages 6 and up.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Twinkling Lights Game is for two to four players ages 8 and up.

Gremlins Holiday Havoc Card Game is for three to five players ages 8 and up.

A Christmas Story: A Major Card Game is for three to six players ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each game is sold separately.

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