Sketchy Tales Disney Edition Review (Spin Master)

Sketchy Tales Disney Edition
What It Is

You know how messages always get muddled in the game of Telephone? Well, now your drawings will get the same treatment in Sketchy Tales Disney Edition. See how well the other players can interpret your drawing of Disney characters.

Each player takes a double-sided Disney card and an Action card. The Disney cards have favorite characters on them, while the Action cards have four different actions on them. So maybe you want to pick Boo from Monsters, Inc., being chased by a fish. On the blank side of your numbered backboard, that's what you draw. When everyone has finished drawing whatever character and action they chose, pass the board facedown to your left.

Now each player has a new drawing in front of him. They clip a blank Sketchy card over the drawing and write down who they think is in the drawing and what the character is doing. When everyone has made their guesses, pass the boards facedown to the left.

Now players read the description in front of them, clip on a new Sketchy card, and without looking at the original drawing, draw what they've just read. Once everyone is done, pass the boards to the left.

You'll continue in this sequence of drawing, passing, describing, and passing until each player has his or her original backboard. Players take turns revealing the cards in order and picking their favorite drawing or written guess. One point will be awarded to the owner of that card. If someone's original drawing matches or almost matches the final Sketchy card, the original artist scores three points.

Mark your scores, wipe your boards and cards, and play another round.

The first player to collect two more points than the number of people playing wins the game.

Is It Fun?

We love games like this because they are really silly and always result in a lot of laughs. You don't have to be a great artist. In fact, it's almost more fun if you aren't good at drawing because then the first guess and subsequent drawings and guesses will be very surprising. The Disney theme of this game makes it great for the whole family to play.

Who It’s For

Sketchy Tales Disney Edition is for four to eight players ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes 60 cards, 76 dry erase cards, eight sketchy pens, eight clips, and instructions.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy