Twiggle Review (Twiggle Game)

What It Is

The game comes with 4 boxes- 2 red and 2 blue- 4 adjustable belts, and 28 balls. The rules are easy- put the balls into the boxes, strap them around your waist, and twerk to try to shake all the balls out. Players must keep their heads above their waist at all times. No hands, or arms can touch the floor or any Twiggle box at any time. And don't forget to designate a referee! There are 4 different ways to play:

Game #1: One-on-One Challenge. Every player for themselves. Place 6 balls in each box and go at it. The first to shake all the balls out wins!

Game #2: Twiggle 4. Four players, two teams - one red team and one blue team. Each player clicks on their belt and places 6 balls in their box. The first team to shake all the balls out wins!

Game #3: Double Date. Choose four players and divide into two couples. Each couple will play while connected together side by side and hip to hip. Attach two belts together and loop them around both players on each team with two boxes attached, one box behind each player. The team to get all the balls out first wins! Now, we can't show this one while socially distancing, but you get the idea!

Game #4: Have A Relay. Choose teams with equal numbers and, at the word GO, one player from each team starts emptying their box. Once the 1st person on a team empties their box, pass it to the second person right away to empty their box, and so on. First team to have each member empty their box wins.

Is It Fun?

It's interactive. Many people can play at once. All ages can play and twerking is involved! Who doesn't like to twerk?

Who It’s For

This game is perfect for all kinds of parties and fun for boys, girls, men, and women of all ages. Anyone who can move their hips can play. It will definitely be a memorable and hilarious experience watching friends and family trying to dance and wiggle their way to success.

What To Be Aware Of

Absolutely nothing wrong when you're having fun!

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