Paper Maker and Scribble Scrubbie Review (Crayola)

Paper Maker and Scribble Scrubbie
What It Is

Kids can make colorful paper for home arts and crafts or school projects with the Paper Maker machine. Each package comes with the Paper Making Machine, Drip Tray, Pulp Tray, Press Plate, 3 Ink Bottles, 2 Mesh Screens, 1 Foam Sheet, Beaker, 150g Paper Making Pulp, Spatula, and Instruction Booklet.

Now before you get started with the fun protect clothing and the surface of where you'll be working! The water and ink can be a bit messy. It's also very important to wipe up the water or ink spills immediately.

The included step-by-step instructions make it fun and easy for kids to use the Paper Maker to craft 20 sheets of 5" x 8" paper. There are 10 steps included and it's very important to follow them step-by-step, so parent assistance may be required.

Next, here we have the new Scribble Scrubble Tattoo Shop! Yes, that's right-get your miniature pets inked up at the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Tattoo Shop! Each set includes 1 Convertible Shop & Storage Case, 1 Bulldog Toy name Winston, 1 Chihuahua Toy named Lola, 3 Stamper Markers, and 1 Brush. The three stamper markers come in pink, blue and green, all with three different shapes like a heart, paw and star!

This pretend parlor offers the fun and temporary way to decorate your Scribble Scrubbie pets! All Scribble Scrubbie pets are washable so you can color & customize with the included markers then wash them and start again. Best part is that you take this on the go, just beware since there is an open window where items can fall out from.

Is It Fun?

Kids who enjoy Crayola products and doing anything involving DIY will enjoy these two sets. It allows them to be creative and take control.

Who It’s For

The Paper Maker is perfect for DIY cards, decor, notes and other arts and crafts projects! It makes a great kid's educational toy for ages 8 and up.

Scribble Scrabble is great for kids ages 3 and up who love coloring and drawing. It' something they'll be entertained with for a long time.

What To Be Aware Of

The one issue with the Paper Maker is that it does get very messy!

And regarding the Scribble Scrubbie, although everything stores back inside, the hole for the window allows pieces to fall out.

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