Rainbow Jellies Review (Spin Master)

Rainbow Jellies
What It Is

Make your very own squishy characters with the Rainbow Jellies Surprise Creation Kit from Spin Master! This DIY squishy kit is full of 25 exciting surprises! Peel and reveal each pod on the packaging to discover everything you need to create and customize four of your own Rainbow Jellies cuties. You'll find different cloud molds, faces with adorable expressions, fluffy hair, keychains, hair charms and glittery magic goo in a variety of colors to give your characters their special squish!

It's so much fun to make Rainbow Jellies, and how you choose to customize them is completely up to you! Pick out a cute face and colorful piece of hair; attach them together and put them inside one of the cloud molds.

Close the cloud and flip it over to check for the hole where the goo will go. Now it's time to get the goo popping!. Make sure not to rip open the bag and be very careful, as the goo can stain. Pop the goo pockets inside the bag as you switch between squeezing the bag and shaking it. Make sure you do this for one good minute or your jelly might end up too gooey! Now, squeeze the goo into your mold. Insert and twist until the bag stops turning. It's very important that all the goo goes in! If you're having trouble getting all the goo in, try rolling the bag! Leave the goo-bag in the mold, facing up as your jelly is setting!

Let the cloud work its magic for 45 minutes, then open up the mold to reveal your glittery custom-made Rainbow Jellies character, just for you! Remove your Jelly from the mold and give it a squish! Then repeat to make more Rainbow Jellies to collect, trade and wear! Keep your character inside the cloud, clip on a keychain and carry your jiggly friend with you anywhere you go!

Kids can even expand their collection and make even more Rainbow Jellies with the 2-Packs (each sold separately).

Is It Fun?

It's a fun craft activity. Science is involved to understand how the jelly forms. You have 4 to make in each pack and extra Jellies can be purchased separately.

Who It’s For

The Rainbow Jellies are great for children 6 years of age and up who enjoy crafty DIY activities and even blind bags!

What To Be Aware Of

The goo can stain so make sure you don't wear anything fancy!

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