Magformers Milo, Max, Maggy, and Minibot Playsets Review (Magformers)

Magformers Milo, Max, Maggy, and Minibot Playsets
What It Is

Click, Connect, Create! Explore endless construction possibilities with Magformers! And here we have four new sets for some fun building! For those of you that are new to Magformers, these are simple magnetic building toys that give kids the creative ability to build anything they want!

We have Maggy's House! This set includes 33 pieces- 17 magnetic Magformers shapes, 15 accessories to decorate the home, like a bed, bath, tv and windows, plus a cute car and lastly, a Maggy character figure. Maggy always picks and chooses how she wants to live. Sometimes her bedroom is upstairs, other times she builds it at ground level. And making design changes is super easy... just smash it down and start again. Luckily, it never takes long to build a new home. An idea booklet is included that will give kids many build ideas!

There's also Milo's Mansion! Milo is the luckiest puppy in the world. This pampered pooch lives the high life in his very own mansion made from 17 Magformers magnetic construction shapes and 15 special accessories. Every day this happy hound decides how he wants to design his home using stairs, windows, a swing-door, outside kennel, special tree piece, and other fun accessories.

Then we have Minibot's Kitchen! Minibot is the world's hardest-working chef. Every day he builds his very own kitchen to his liking- then cooks up a delicious meal for his friends in his little oven. With 18 Magformers magnetic shapes and 14 special accessories this is a fun creative construction toy, also containing a cute robot chef figure.

Lastly, there's Max's Playground! Madcap Max just loves to build and run around in his personal playground - and he can, using a mix of 17 Magformers magnetic shapes and 15 accessories to make a whole range of different playground designs. Sometimes he puts a swing upstairs, other times he puts the slide in his room.

Is It Fun?

There are new characters that will help kids imagine. Easy to store and clean up. This will improves their artistic side and all sets are compatible with one another.

Who It’s For

Every side has a magnet, so even a toddler can figure out how to connect them. The hollow interior also makes the parts effortless to hold for kids' tiny fingers. Magformers is fun and will be sure to entertain kids ages 3 and up!

What To Be Aware Of

Each set is sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy