Billie Eilish Figures Review (Playmates Toys)

Billie Eilish Figures
What It Is

All The Good Girls Go To Hell features a 6-inch Billie in her fallen angel getup where she has fallen from Heaven into a black pit of oil. Now, she's obviously not covered in black oil here, but she is covered in black coating from her hair, face, body, clothes, and let's not forget her wings! There are 11-points of articulation; head, arms, elbows, wrists, legs, knees, feet, and toes! Toes are a first and I actually appreciate that! The wings are also posable. None of her clothing is removable, but the wings do come off. A stand is not included, but you can stand her up, which can take a few tries. Now, let's get to the box. Yes, the box! Not only is the packaging made of eco-friendly packaging, but it also transforms into a diorama display that brings the figure to life!

Next, we have the Billie Eilish doll from the "Bad Guy" music video! Relive the Bad Guy video with this 10.5 collectible doll. It's highly detailed, fully poseable with a few points of articulation as well and is dressed in her iconic yellow hooded sweatshirt, pants, and shoes! The detailing of her iconic blue hair is fabulous and the whole getup is as too, such as the pockets on the sides of the pants and the straps at the bottom of the pants. The outfit is removable.

Is It Fun?

The dolls are dressed according to the music video outfits. These are fully poseable and the box transforms into a diorama which is super neat!

Who It’s For

These dolls are a must have for Billie Eilish fans.

What To Be Aware Of

As much as I enjoy the dolls, I don't think they look much like Billie in the face.

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