Cave Club Rockelle & Tyrasaurus and Slate Dolls Review (Mattel)

Cave Club Rockelle & Tyrasaurus and Slate Dolls
What It Is

There are new prehistoric pals getting initiated into the Cave Club. Say hello to Slate, an artistic boy, and Rockelle & Tyrasaurus, human and dino besties.

Slate is the world's first artist, and he rocks a neon tunic with paint splatter print and tiger-striped shorts. He's got a brightly colored crimped hairstyle that's shaved underneath. He's even got paint splatters on his cheeks. Clip his paint palette to his wrist, put the paintbrush in his hand, and make sure he's wearing his tool belt, so he can paint whenever inspiration strikes. Slate comes with a prehistoric pet friend named Taggy that sort of looks like a cross between a bird and a lizard.

Rockelle loves going for a ride on her heart-spotted T-Rex, Tyrasaurus. Clips on the dinosaur's saddle provide space for Rockelle and another Cave Club doll to ride. You can even press down on the lever to open Tyrasaurus' mouth so she can chomp on a dino snack, either some berries or a chicken leg. Both dino and human are brightly colored with hair that is ready for styling with the included hairbrush. Rockelle's hair is teal and green with streaks of purple, and the doll wears an animal print dress with dino feet leg warmers. Tyrasaurus is a blue dinosaur with curly purple hair, and you can pose her arms, head, and feet.

Is It Fun?

Both of these dolls will be fun for kids who enjoy the Cave Club fashion dolls. We like the inclusion of a boy in the club and that Rockelle comes with a dinosaur action figure that she can ride and feed to inspire lots more nurturing pet play and creative storytelling.

Who It’s For

The Cave Club dolls are for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

These dolls are sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy