Little Tikes First Fridge, First Washer-Dryer, and First Oven Review (MGA Entertainment)

Little Tikes First Fridge, First Washer-Dryer, and First Oven
What It Is

Little kids can have a kitchen just like mom and dad thanks to new Little Tikes First Fridge, First Oven, and First Washer-Dryer playsets. With realistic looks and features, these toy appliances are all about pretend play.

The First Fridge includes 10 accessories: an ice cube tray and four ice cubes, a cup, an ice cream cone, a milk carton, a ketchup bottle, and an orange. Pretend magnet clips really open so kids can clutter their own fridge with their masterpieces. Open up the fridge's doors and insert the play pieces on the shelves. The freezer drawer opens on the bottom. Place an ice cube in the fridge's working ice machine, and then press the button for sound effects. Just like a real fridge, this fridge makes a humming noise when it's turned on, and if you leave the freezer door open even a little bit, the fridge makes arctic sound effects to let you know.

Take food from the fridge to the First Oven for cooking and baking. This playset comes with 11 accessories: four chocolate chip cookies, a baking tray, a spatula, a skillet, a dishtowel, eggs and bacon, and a steak. The stovetop dials turn and click, and they also activate sound effects and lights. The oven door opens, and kids can press the timer button for sound effects and then press the light button to turn on the oven light.

Get your pretend clothes clean with the First Washer-Dryer. It comes with 11 accessories, including three laundry baskets, a bottle of detergent, two towels, a pair of socks, a pair of pants, and two shirts. Pretend to fill the detergent drawer, and then open the door and toss in the clothing and towels. Turn the dial for sound effects and watch the drum spin around.

Is It Fun?

We love that all of these toy appliances are inspired by stainless steel appliances to give them a luxe feel. And the sound effects and lights add some realism to the play. Kids who want to do everything just like Mom and Dad will really like pretending to cook in their kitchen and do the laundry.

Who It’s For

The Little Tikes First appliances are for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required for all of these toys, and it's pretty easy to do, although twisting the connectors can sometimes be difficult.

The Fridge comes with three AA batteries.

The Oven comes with three AA batteries.

The Washer-Dryer includes four AA batteries.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AAA & 4 AA batteries required