Squeakee the Balloon Dog Review (Moose Toys)

Squeakee the Balloon Dog
What It Is

This interactive pet might look your average balloon animal, but he's inflated with personality. Squeakee the Balloon Dog set comes with the Squeakee figure and three interactive accessories. He comes to life just like a real puppy, with over 60 interactive sounds and movements. He responds to your voice and he responds to his favorite accessories.

There are three basic training tips you can teach him with the squeaker toy. One quick squeak will make him sit. Two quick squeaks and he will beg. Three quick squeaks will get him excited and ready to play!

Another accessory is the pump to feed him! You can feed Squeakee when he's in the standing or sitting position. He will make drinking sounds and might just pee or fart when the pump is removed.

Now just like any balloon, Squeakee pops! Squeakee doesn't necessarily pop the same way that other balloons do, but you can gently push the pin accessory into the pinhole to "pop" Squeakee! Which him completely fall to the ground. In order to get him to inflate again, push the pump accessory into his mouth.

Squeakee can also walk around all on his own and perform standard dog tricks like sitting, scooting, and responding to belly rubs facilitated by a series of touch sensors throughout his balloon body. There are certain ways to do this. If you want to get him to scoot, simply shake his front paws when he's in sitting or begging position; this will have him react by scooting along the floor. You can also pet Squeakee's ears which will make him sit. Keep petting and Squeakee will stand up and make a triumphant sound!

There's also a microphone! Tell Squeakee when he has been misbehaving, the louder you speak the more he squeaks! Keep doing this and he will eventually pop and deflate.

Is It Fun?

As far as pets go, Squeakee is easier to maintain than a real dog. There are plenty of sounds and movements coming from Squeakee, which is super fun for kids. Accessories are included and I think it's pretty cool that they've brought to life a balloon pet!

Who It’s For

Squeakee is full of fun interactive play which will entertain kids for hours on end. It's perfectly geared for children 5 years of age and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Squeakee is rather heavy, so when he moves around, he can bang hard on the surface.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required