KidiZoom Creator Cam Review (VTech)

KidiZoom Creator Cam
What It Is

Don't just watch the videos of your favorite content creators; make your own with the KidiZoom Creator Cam! This all-in-one HD video camera kit gives kids everything they need to make awesome videos, including a tripod that doubles as a selfie stick, a green screen, more than 20 animated backgrounds, and easy on-camera video editing.

So how does it work? The camera functions the way you'd expect: press the top shutter button to snap a picture in photo mode or start recording in video mode. And then press the play button to review your photos and movies. If you want to take a selfie, flip up the selfie lens to rotate the camera. Attach the wrist strap to make it easier for kids to carry the camera.

The camera has enough built-in memory to store 1,430 low-resolution photos or 120 high-resolution photos and two 360p videos. You can boost memory by inserting a microSD card up to 32 GB, which is sold separately.

If you want to create videos with fun backgrounds, hang the green screen and film in front of it. The green screen can be hung with clothespins, binder clips, books or weights, sticky tack, thumb tacks, or magnets. Then record yourself in the Green Screen Studio mode. There are a variety of green screen backgrounds to choose from so that you can make it look like you're flying in the sky or giving the weather report.

For more fun, enter Creativity Tools mode. You can use the green screen to create invisibility illusions, edit your videos, create trick effects during a pause in recording, use the green screen to make it look like objects are floating, and create a time lapse video.

The camera also becomes a handheld game unit with three different games to play. Stack the cake layers in Cake Master, avoid river obstacles in River Cat, and collect honey in Bee Mission.

This kid-friendly camera does not have a built-in wifi connection, so you can only upload your photos and videos using the USB cable.

Is It Fun?

While taking photos and selfies with this camera will be lots of fun, kids will really like creating their own videos using the green screen and animated backgrounds. "Content Creator" is now something that kids aspire to be, and this camera makes it easy for them to create their own content just like their favorite social media and YouTube personalities. Whether or not kids can share this content online is up to mom and dad, and we like that this camera does not have a wifi connection to keep it kid-safe.

Who It’s For

The KidiZoom Creator Cam is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The camera includes a built-in rechargeable battery and a micro-USB cable for charging. It takes three to four hours to get a full charge. You can also use the cable for transferring photos and videos from the camera to your computer.

There might be a slight learning curve for kids as they become comfortable using the camera, but overall, the camera is easy to use.

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