Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker Review (Spin Master)

Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker
What It Is

This DIY studio comes with everything you need to customize and style 12 hair extensions you can really wear! Choose a colored or patterned hair ribbon, design any way you want with the included markers. Speaking of the markers make sure to cover your work area surface since the markers do bleed through. Next, load the ribbon into the machine. Press the button and the motorized Hollywood Hair Extension Maker magically transforms your hair ribbon into a super cute wearable hair extension! Next, style your extension your way. With a heatless curling wand and two attachments, you can create so many camera-ready styles. To style your extension, place it on the wand, fill the spray bottle with water, and spray the extension on the curler eight times from 4 inches away while twirling the curler in a circle. You'll have to wait two hours to set your tight curls, loose beach waves, or glamorous Hollywood curls before wearing them. I tried the tight curls and after two hours it didn't work.

Once done with whichever style you choose, add a hair clip and wear your trendy hair extension, then create more styles to share with your squad! When you're finished styling, conveniently store everything in the base of the machine.

Each set comes with the Extension Maker, 12 Hair Extensions, 1 Hair Curler, 2 Hair Rollers, 5 Hair Clips, 2 Markers, 1 Spray Bottle and instructions.

Is It Fun?

It's easy for kids to create and change their look without damaging their real hair. It can be shared among friends and all accessories can be stored on the bottom of the maker for easy travelling.

Who It’s For

Kids will love how easy and how often they can change up their style without damaging their real hair. It makes the perfect gift for kids 8 years of age and up!

What To Be Aware Of

The wait time of two hours for curls is rather long. Also, when I sprayed the curl on the wand the first time and waited two hours it didn't work, so this may take a few good tries before perfecting. And when drawing on a ribbon the marker bleeds through.

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    2 AA batteries required