Hatchimals Cosmic Candy Shop & Secret Snacks Review (Spin Master)

Hatchimals Cosmic Candy Shop & Secret Snacks
What It Is

The Hatchimals Cosmic Candy Shop set is pretty neat because you get a 2-in-1 playset! It comes with 1 Hatchimals CollEGGtible, 1 Hatchimals Pixie, 1 Playset, 14 Accessories, 2 Sticker Sheets, 1 Checklist, and collectors guide! The Pixie is an exclusive Galaxy Gwen and the Hatchimal inside the egg is the Galaxy Lamaloon with pink gel-like hair and a colorful dress. She has no articulation and does not stand alone! The stand will help her stand and there are a few pegs throughout the playset that she can stand on. As for the Galaxy Gwen Pixie just peel off the heart sticker on the all-new egg to find a symbol that matches Lamaloon's feature. Next, hatch the heart and you'll get a sneak peek at your character through the opening! Each side of the egg opens up and becomes a display for your character after hatching!

Like I mentioned this set is 2-in-1. Flip the playset around for 2 fun ways to play. One side of the playset features a candy shop theme, with a set of stairs and candy booths; the other side is a cosmic cafe, with a comfy couch for your characters to hang out on, a DJ booth and a slide! To transform your 2-in-1 playset, simply flip it around upside down- the shop's stairs flip down to turn into a slide and a booth on the top level of the playset swings around its post, becoming the couch! Play out your Cosmic Candy stories with 14 super cute accessories! Your characters can relax on the donut table and chairs, cool off under the umbrella and enjoy some tasty treats! Kids will also enjoy decorating and customizing the playset with the sheet stickers!

And I'm sure you know you can always add more Hatchimals for some more fun! The Hatchimals Secret Snacks can be a perfect addition to the Cosmic Candy Shop! Each 12-Pack includes 2 of 8 Secret Snacks characters hiding inside their favorite desserts! Pop each treat open to reveal your exclusive characters, found only in the 12-Pack! These Hatchimals are full of super sweet details! There are over 50 out-of-this-world characters to collect and the guide allows you to see which ones you still need to collect. Find 10 eggs and 2 characters out-of-egg! Peel the sticker on the new eggs to find a symbol hinting at your character's feature, hatch the heart and open each side! You may also find a classic egg! Something else that's pretty neat is that with now reusable eggs, there are even more ways you can play with your Hatchimals! Once you're finished hatching, the Cosmic Candy eggs become fun displays for your new friends!

Is It Fun?

The Cosmic Candy Shop has a 2-in-1 playset so kids will enjoy switching between the two. There's also an exclusive Hatchimals and those are always fun to collect. Also, it's great that kids are able to reuse the eggs for showcasing.

Who It’s For

Kids 5 years and up who enjoy collecting Hatchimals will love the new set and bunch of new Hatchimals to add to their collection!

What To Be Aware Of


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