Pets Alive Frankie the Funky Flamingo and Fifi the Flossing Sloth! Review (Zuru)

Pets Alive Frankie the Funky Flamingo and Fifi the Flossing Sloth!
What It Is

Who doesn't like Flamingos? Especially Funky Flamingos? I've never seen one of those before, but now I can check that off my list! Franky comes in her bright pink coat, gorgeous rainbow feather, big beautiful eyes with lashes and glittery legs. Frankie also comes with a little egg surprise! A mini Flamingo Surprise! Here the little mini-me has a rubbery-like body and orange fluffy hair! The fun is straight forward- with just a press of a button on the left wing, Frankie dances to 3 different songs! With a flap of her wings and a twirl of her neck she'll dance her feathers off beside you.

For more animal fun you can get Fifi the Flossing Sloth! I never really thought Sloths were cute, but this one for sure changed my mind! Fifi has on her purple fur body and those droopy big eyes. She also dances to three songs like her pal Frankie. Her floss like movements mimic one of the most iconic dances of the decade! Fifi's hilarious floss movements, cute blinking eyes and butt wiggle are sure to get everyone up dancing and laughing!

Is It Fun?

Small children will love how silly both toys are. I like that there is more than one song to play and this will get kids active and moving!

Who It’s For

Both Frankie and Fifi are great for small children 3 years and older who love interactive toys, like to be silly and enjoy dancing.

What To Be Aware Of

Don't get tired from all the dancing you'll do.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AA batteries required