Bye, Felicia! Review (Big G Creative)

Bye, Felicia!
What It Is

Your answer must match another players or it's Bye Felicia! The game from Big G Creative is a fun and exciting party game inspired by a line from the popular 1995 comedy FRIDAY. The phrase has become the ultimate dismissal popping up in Memes and modern slang. In this 20 minute game players get 30 seconds to come up with words associated to random topics. It's not as easy it seems because to stay in the game you must match another player or you're out and it's BYE FELICIA! Quick and easy to learn, this game is created for ages 12 and up. Inside the box are 200 cards with random topics, 40 scoring tokens, 8 IN and OUT chips, 8 pencils, 1 die, 30 second sand timer, 1 Pad and instructions. On the die are red, tan, and GO squares. If players roll a red or tan, the coinciding topic is read and players write down as many common words as they can think in 30 seconds. As players go around the group saying what they wrote, they must match someone or they get BYE FELICIA! If they roll GO then players engage in a quick round, reversing direction players speak answers rather than write and if you stumble or are too slow, BYE FELICIA! Everyone gets 5 tokens to begin. The recently dismissed player must give a token to the player with the last good answer. If you speak out of turn BYE FELICIA! If someone has already said your answer BYE FELICIA! If you have everyone's tokens then wave a BIG BYE FELICIA to the group because you've won! Adults and kids will love this game.

Is It Fun?

This fast paced game is loads of fun as players try to match words with other players.

Who It’s For

Designed for 3 to 8 players, adults and kids will love this game. Created for ages 12 and up, this game is quick and easy to learn. BYE FELICIA is fast paced and an excellent addition to game night.

What To Be Aware Of

This game is super fun as well as quick and easy to learn. For players ages 12 and up. That's it.

Bye Felicia.

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