Care Bears Interactive Figures and Plush Review (Basic Fun!)

Care Bears Interactive Figures and Plush
What It Is

Let's start with the new 2020 Care Bear plushes! Can we take a moment to look at the packaging? I actually like the designs all over the box and that it gives an updated look to a retro toy , I think toy collectors will too! These 14-inch plushes will be your child's new cuddly pals. There is a total of 6 Care Bears to collect; Cheer Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Share Bear and Grumpy Bear! Where would life be without a grump?

This adorable blue Grumpy Bear is serving his resting grump face, but that's okay because we know it's all an act! Grumpy Bear is feeling blue so what better style for him than a gorgeous blue fluffed body? He's got a strong side-eye game going, crooked smile, blue hearts printed on all four paws and a rain cloud printed on his white belly with a heart in between the drops. Did I mention that each Care Bear comes with a special care coin too? Every plush has their own color coin and a special message you'll want to share with friends! This special message states; "Forgive a friend who was grumpy to you! So, Grumpy may be a bit of a grouch, but his grumpiness reminds us that it's okay to be grumpy sometimes- as long as it doesn't last too long.

Moving on- I love my interactive toys just like the next kid so this Care Bears Interactive Figure will for sure be up your alley! Now, you can play with your favorite Care Bears like never before! There are 6 to collect, featuring all the same characters as the plushes, except these interactive toys aren't soft and cuddly, but are still a ton of fun!Again, the packaging is definitely eye-catching here and I appreciate the fun detailing. Once you've removed your interactive bear from the packaging, you can play with them one-on-one or bring in an additional Care Bear to join the fun! Here we have Tenderheart Bear decked out in orange, with printed facial features and a Belly Badge on her belly! There are three points of articulation, which I appreciate and think kids will too.

How do we unlock the magic? Easy, first turn the switch on which is located behind her back. There is a three-bear headed side and a one bear headed side. Let's start with the one-on-one play. There are three points of activation; hearts on each of her paws, and the belly is also another activation point. When you high five the right paw you'll hear some Care Bears phrases. Press the belly Badge for some Belly Badge Magic positivity. High five the left paw to hear some of the "Care Out Loud" song. When prompted by your Care Bear, speak into the mic for a surprise!

Let's switch to the bear to bear interactive play. Set the Care Bears near one another for them to interact. The more Care Bears you have, the more fun! Please note that a maximum of 6 Care Bears can interact! High five the right paw sensor on one bear and watch the other Care Bears respond! High five the left paw sensor to hear all the Care Bears sing the "Care Out Loud" song. You can also press the Belly Badge to start the Care Bear Stare! Sit back and enjoy the cool lights and sounds. In order to save battery life, the bears will enter sleep mode if you leave them inactive and forgot to turn them off. Now, the instructions state that there's a Care Bear surprise when you're in either mode- press the left//right paws 5 times and you'll get a special interaction from the bears!

Is It Fun?

The Care Bears are great for any generation of kids and adults. The plushes have the same cuddly feeling and the interactive figures have added in some fun technology and a different way to love these classic characters. This will surely be a hit for toy collectors!

Who It’s For

Both sets are different but great for children who love stuffed animals and interactive toys. They also make a great toy for collectors who appreciate the nostalgia behind this generational toy!

What To Be Aware Of


  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required