Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise, Petal Pets, and Baby Pop Series 2 Review (Skyrocket Toys)

Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise, Petal Pets, and Baby Pop Series 2
What It Is

Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise is a way for kids to grow and collect three Blume dolls, each with limited-edition sparkle hair. Just like the original Blume dolls, these grow with water, but you add the water in a different way here. The three flower pots are on a stand with a rainbow and cloud above them. Fill the rainbow cloud with water, and then press down on the rainbow to make it rain. The "rain" will then cause the Blume dolls to pop out from their flowerpots. There are 10 limited-edition dolls to collect, so it will be a surprise as to which three you get. Each doll also comes with a surprise pet and accessories, fashions, and stickers. Decorate the dolls and their flowerpot homes. Even though you can't redo growing the dolls, you can remove the flowerpots, replace them with real flowerpots, and use the rainbow cloud to water real plants.

There's even a new way to grow Blume babies with series 2 of Blume Baby Pop. Now when you pull up on the four hidden sprouts, you'll either find a candy-scented baby or an accessory. Will your flower pot have three, four, or five babies? The scented swaddles are removable, and each baby has a unique candy-themed hairstyle. Just like with the originals, the flower pot turns into a themed playset that hides three snuggle buddies, a surprise costume, and other surprises. Fill the lid with water for a pool party gender reveal. The babies have color-change diapers. And you can add rainbow water beads for a squishy splash.

For more play in the garden, there are Petal Pets. Each pet is hidden within a mini flowerpot. Use the watering can to squirt water onto the pretend soil and watch as the flower blooms to reveal a charm bracelet with a real metal charm. (This action can actually be done over and over again.) Then, lift up the soil to find the pet underneath. There are 12 pets to collect, ranging from lions and cats to dragons and unicorns. Use the collector's guide and your pet's hairstyle and charm design to find out what magical place the pet is from and what the pet's special power is. Is it a sea, sky, gem, sweet, flower, or fire pet? Kids can wear the charm bracelet or use it as a leash for their pet.

Is It Fun?

We really like the new growing surprise of the Blume Rainbow Sparkle Surprise dolls, the fun new surprises of Baby Pop, and the new collectible Petal Pets. Rainbow Sparkle Surprise lets kids collect more dolls at once, while Petal Pets adds cute pets to the mix. And series 2 of Baby Pop is just a great way to expand a collection.

Who It’s For

The new Blume toys are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Petal Pet, Rainbow Sparkle Surprise, and Baby Pop are sold separately.

Because these involve water, you might want to cover your play space or bloom the toys in an area where it's okay for things to get wet.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy