furReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo Review (Hasbro)

furReal Mama Josie the Kangaroo
What It Is

If your child- or even yourself is a fan of the FurReal line, this addition will be sure to excite you! The package comes with an interactive adorable big-green eyed Kangaroo dressed in her gorgeous golden birthday suit and a pink bow on one of her ears. Also I want to mention that she has a pouch just like a real Kangaroo has for her joeys! Baby Kangaroos are called joeys! Also included are 3 surprise joeys which come in blind bags and made of plastic with no articulation. Lastly, there are 4 accessories for Mama Josie and her baby 'roos.

One baby' roo is a boy, the other a girl, and the third one's... a surprise! Unbox all 3 for the big gender reveal. Then this loving mama can care for her little ones and play with you, too, responding to touch with 70+ sound-and-motion reactions, including loving sounds- such as little kisses, feeding sounds (like a hiccup or a burp).

To activate simply switch to on- which is located underneath Mama Josie's bottom. As soon as Mama Josie is on she will begin to make sounds. Did you know that Mama Josie also knows how to get down and boogie? Press down on her right hand to activate music for her to hop to or beatbox. It's sure to entertain your little one. Now I mentioned that there were 4 accessories, one of them is a drink for Mama Josie, looks like a frappe to keep her awake and alert to care for her joeys! When she's ready to drink, put the drink against the bottom of her mouth and press down- this will activate slurping sounds.

Once you've opened all three blind bags where the joeys will be, I'm sure they'll be thirsty! But how will Mama Josie feed them? Well there are two knobs on both the inside of her hands that allow you to clip the baby joey on her left hand and clip the bottle on the right hand. They do need to be clipped on the correct hands to work properly- just check the knobs and back of the bottle and joey to see what I mean. Once placed correctly, Mama Josie begins with plenty of adorable sweet sounds! When the bottle is placed in and her right hand is pressed slurping sounds will begin.

Is It Fun?

The best part is that it's interactive with 70+ sounds and reactions. Blind bags are always a hit because of the surprise element. Lastly, Joeys and the accessories fit perfectly in Mama Josie's pouch for easy on the go fun!

Who It’s For

Kids aged 4 and up will definitely enjoy how cute this toy is and the best part is that it's interactive!

What To Be Aware Of

There are none here.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required