Gridopolis Review (Gridopolis Games)

What It Is

Take strategy games to a whole other dimension with the 3-D game Gridopolis. Using three basic parts, players build the three-dimensional grid-set. Then players use markers to move, with the object of being the last player standing. But watch out because the board changes dynamically during the game.

Once the grid is set up, each player receives two posts, two blocker boxes, and three pads and links. These will be used later to modify the playing area. Each player also has six pawns and lots of options for when it's their turn to move a pawn. The gameplay is kind of a combination of Chess, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe. Pawns can move one pad at a time in any direction: diagonally, sideways, and from one level to another. They just can't go backwards toward their home row. If you make it to your opponent's home row, your pawn gets kinged. Flip it over and now it can move one pad in any direction, and it gets to make two separate moves on one turn.

You can also jump pawns and kings in a straight line over another player's marker to an empty pad to capture that marker and remove it from the grid-set. Keep in mind, because this game board is 3-D, you can also do a multi-level jump. Other ways to capture include a multi-jump, where you keep jumping per the requirements to capture more opponents, and a kamikaze sacrifice move, where you capture an opponent but land off the board, eliminating both your opponent and your own marker.

Other elements of the game include Hyper-Pads. If you land on one, you "beam out" to another empty Hyper-Pad. When a Blocker Box is in play, it eliminates the pad it's placed on. This means all players must go around it for the remainder of the game. And if you'd like to add on to the grid-set instead of move a marker, you can add a pad anywhere it fits, either horizontally or vertically.

This simple system can be used to build other grid-sets and play other games, including ones that you create from scratch.

Is It Fun?

This is a game where you'll definitely want to read through the instructions before playing, and you might need to play a practice round so that everyone becomes familiar with this unique style of gaming. Sometimes it can be hard for beginners to visualize the multi-level move options. But the gameplay is really intriguing both in the strategic thinking required and the visual aspect of the 3-D board. We think if you like strategy games or just want to play something that breaks the mold of flat board games, you'll really enjoy the challenge of Gridopolis.

Who It’s For

The game is for two to four players ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes 63 Pads, 16 Posts, 88 Links, 24 Markers, 12 Kingerizers, 6 Teleporters, eight Blocker Boxes, and gameplay instructions.

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