Minnie Mouse Party & Play Pup and E-I-Oh! Mickey Mouse Review (Just Play)

Minnie Mouse Party & Play Pup and E-I-Oh! Mickey Mouse
What It Is

Minnie Mouse is ready to play and party it up alongside Phoebe the puppy! Minnie comes decked out in her best party outfit with pink and white polka dots and cupcakes on her dress, a bow and gold accents throughout. Phoebe looks just like she does on the Disney Jr. Happy Helpers show with her tan fluffy fur and green eyes. There are two modes of play. First, use Minnie's clicker to teach Phoebe to bark, spin, and dance. Phoebe will speak and move in response to Minnie's commands. Each command can be interrupted by pressing the clicker. With each press Minnie will advance to the next command.

In mode two: attach one end of the leash to Minnie Mouse's hand and the other end to Phoebe's collar and the pair will go on a real walk! Minnie Mouse sings the Happy Helpers Birthday Song and talks to Phoebe. Phoebe responds by making happy doggy sounds.

To activate the features, make sure to turn the switch on Minnie and Phoebe. They can work on their own without having the leash on, but for optimal fun you'll want to connect the leash! If by any chance Phoebe becomes out of range during play- place Phoebe back within two feet of Minnie. Minnie and Phoebe both have wheels underneath them which allows for easy spinning, dancing and playing.

If your child would rather hang with Mickey, well then, the Mickey Mouse E-I-Oh Mickey might be the right one for you! Join Mickey Mouse for some farm fun. Mickey is dressed in farmer getup with a plaid checkered shirt, blue overalls and yellow hat and shoes. The on-and-off switch is located on the bottom of his right foot.

Sing and dance along with Mickey Mouse to the "Old McDonald" song. Kids will also love dancing with Mickey Mouse as he flaps his arms and wiggles his bottom doing the Chicken Dance. Do this by pressing the button on Mickey's left foot. He even plays a "What Animal Sound is That?" game when you press the button on Mickey's right foot.

Is It Fun?

They're both interactive and get kids moving and dancing. Since there aren't many accessories it makes it easy to carry around.

Who It’s For

Both sets are great for small Disney fanatics who love everything Mickey and Minnie. It'll keep them wanting to sing along and stay active as they get down and boogie alongside Minnie or Mickey!

What To Be Aware Of

These products are sold separately.

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    3 AAA batteries required