Rainbow High Dolls Review (MGA Entertainment)

Rainbow High Dolls
What It Is

Collect the rainbow with the colorful new fashion doll line Rainbow High. There are six dolls to collect, each one representing a color of the rainbow. Each poseable doll includes two outfits for a mix-and-match look, plus long, colorful hair.

Ruby Anderson's red, black, and white ensemble is streetwear chic. Check out the gold paint on her red jeans and the red flames on her black booties.

Poppy Rowen's fresh, hip style features butterfly details in her orange hair and on both pairs of her shoes.

Sunny Madison's personality is as bright and happy as the yellow color of her clothes. She's got cool rainbow knee-high socks and lots of sparkle on her dress and jeans.

Jade Hunter's edgy green look makes her stand out in a puffy jacket with graffiti shorts or in a tracksuit with sneakers.

Skylar Bradshaw wears denim head to toe, whether that's in her denim crop top and skirt or full-on denim dress.

And glam Violet Willow comes with two dresses that are red-carpet ready even though they're purple. A faux fur coat and show-stopping heels complete either one of her two looks.

The dolls come with a doll stand and clothes hangers.

Is It Fun?

Kids who like playing with fashion dolls will love collecting their favorite colors in doll form or collecting the entire rainbow. Because each doll comes with two complete outfits, there's lots of room for clothing customization and playing out different storylines right out of the box. These colorful dolls will inspire a lot of imaginative and creative play.

Who It’s For

Rainbow High dolls are for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It's recommended that after you take the dolls out of the box, you wash their hair to remove the styling gel. Once the hair is dry, it's ready to brush.

A Rainbow High Salon and Hair Studio is also available and sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy