Nuzzy Luvs Review (Cepia, LLC)

Nuzzy Luvs
What It Is

Nuzzy Luvs are soft-bodied electronic plush pets that snuggle and react like a real pet to a child's touch and sounds, including the tone of their voice! They react to loud and quiet noises with different combinations of sounds, and head and eye movements. Soft sounds like a whisper will trigger Nuzzy Luvs to respond with happy sounds such as purrs and coos, but like a real pet, louder noises such as a shout will surprise and frighten them. When pet, they respond with contented noises. These cuties also snooze after a couple minutes of not being played with. Nuzzy Luvs are almost entirely soft with a small electronic box in their head and shoulders as opposed to in their bodies, which allows them to be folded up.

There are a total of 8 to collect from a kitten to a bunny, a unicorn to a puppy, a giraffe and even a monkey! All Nuzzy Luvs come in different color patterns, but all have the same fuzzy electronic fun!

Is It Fun?

These are tiny enough to travel around with. The sounds add some realism. Kids can learn nurturing play with one or all of these cute pets. Plus, batteries are included for on spot play!

Who It’s For

Kids will love to build up their collection and share their new pets with friends. Animal lovers especially will appreciate these little cuties as they can learn to take care of a pet!

What To Be Aware Of


  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions