Cry Babies Magic Tears Fancy Vehicle and Fantasy Winged House Series Review (IMC Toys)

Cry Babies Magic Tears Fancy Vehicle and Fantasy Winged House Series
What It Is

Fancy is dressed in a painted- on adorable pastel peach colored onesie with a flamingo hood, bright pink hair and blue eyes. Her stroller slash vehicle comes in gorgeous pastel colors; turquoise, purple and the same peach-like color. This one of a kind vehicle converts from a stroller into a vehicle with a steering wheel! That's not the only cool part though. Just like any other cry baby, Fancy sheds some tears once you feed her a bottle of water and squeeze her tummy. And we're still not at the coolest part yet! Collect Fancy's tears and watch as steam magically appears out of the vehicle and lights up! To do so, first remove the part shaped like a teardrop on the stroller to fill the tank. Then fill the bottle and pour a few drops of water into the sensor. To activate the sensor correctly, the water must touch both the two contacts included in the product. When it is activated, you will see that the water sprays at the bottom of the product and that the LED lights up for a few seconds. And there you go, that was the cool part!

Next up, The Cry Babies Magic Tears Fantasy Winged Collection! These little surprise blind bottles are just like the previous collection with a twist. You still get the surprise, it's still fun, BUT this time they've added COLORFUL magic tears! Winged Houses are decorated depending on the doll's personality. Open it to discover which doll you get! Every character comes with 4 standard accessories: magic bottle, dummy and either the new bow and a toy trolley or the bib and a high chair. The set also includes 2 unique accessories. All of the accessories are glittery! A customized blanket and a personalized stickers sheet are also included to decorate their doll's new home! There are 12 in total to collect with a rare Lena and rare accessories. The collector's guide will help with checking off which ones you still need.

As I said these babies come with colorful magic tears. Just like any other Cry Babies, feed them water through their bottle. Watch as their head fills up and slowly start seeing the color come up in their heads and then out their eyes! It's pretty cool seeing it rise up and come out with a fun color. If only we can do that!

Is It Fun?

These two sets are great for fans of other Cry Babies products. The imaginative play is endless.

Who It’s For

If your child is a fan of the Cry Babies Magic Tears hit animated web series, these two will make a great gift!! They'll have fun playing out the Cry Babies Magic Tears adventures from the web series.

What To Be Aware Of

Cry Babies Fancy Vehicle does get messy with the water and batteries are not included.

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