Make Your Own Tiny Camper Review (Klutz)

Make Your Own Tiny Camper
What It Is

Go on a crafty mini adventure with the Make Your Own Tiny Camper craft and activity book. This comes with everything you need to build yourself a mini vintage camper.

First, you start by building the camper, which is made of chipboard, cardboard, and glue. You can decorate it with star garland, a flower planter, and a banner. Additional accessories include an adirondack chair, umbrella table, tote bag, flip flops, a hammock, an easel and artist's stool, drapes, kitchen cabinets, a bed with pillow, and a braided rug. Create all of them or just your favorites, or get creative and make some of your own decorations. Pictures in the book offer suggestions for more ways to customize your camper.

You can't go camping by yourself, so why not use the clay to make a puppy pal or other animal? This step requires the use of the oven, so adult supervision is required. Once your pet is finished, follow the instructions to create a pet tent.

Is It Fun?

This is a craft that will take some time, especially because some steps require that you wait for the glue to dry before moving on. And not every project is easy - it was a messy pain to glue the star garland and the fabric banner. But kids who enjoy arts and crafts will have fun putting together their camper and decorating it just the way they want it. There are so many cute and fun details that come with the kit, but we also like that kids are encouraged to make their own accessories for further customization.

Who It’s For

Make Your Own Tiny Camper is for ages 8 and up. Results will vary depending on a child's skill.

What To Be Aware Of

The book includes four sheets of chipboard, four sheets of paper punch-outs, fabric, faux fur, a paper straw, 11 wooden stickers, a tiny umbrella, glue, stuffing, 63 inches of yarn, 20 star sequins, 67 inches of thread, faux moss, five brads in gold and black, and oven-bake clay.

You might want to have some additional supplies on hand, such as scissors, wax paper, aluminium foil, baking sheet, oven and oven mitts, and masking tape.

The included glue was very bubbly, and that made using it difficult.

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    Medium Difficulty