Barbie You Can Be Anything Campaign Team Review (Mattel)

Barbie You Can Be Anything Campaign Team
What It Is

The new career set includes four 12-inch diverse dolls with roles including candidate, campaign manager, fundraiser and voter.

Candidate Barbie doll is dressed in a chic pink jacket and black pants and comes with a microphone and cell phone. If you like to take the lead and drive change, this one is perfect for you! Then, we have Campaign manager Barbie doll, dressed in a black-and-white print dress and accessories like a computer, file folder and cell phone for organizing and setting priorities! If you're one who likes to set goals and motivate folks, we think you'll like the campaign manager! If not, perhaps the Campaign fundraiser Barbie doll is for you- she wears a blue denim dress and comes with information sheets, a cell phone and is working hard to raise funds for the campaign. If you like working towards a fundraising goal and volunteering this one is a great choice! There's one more to choose from and that's Voter Barbie! She comes dressed in a white tee and jeans with ballot and cell phone and rallies for her candidate by voting! A great added bonus beyond just the dolls' titles is that the back of each box offers a detailed description of each doll's role or career, giving kids some knowledge of important roles in our society.

Is It Fun?

It shows girls the importance of political teams working together, allowing them to dream big! It'll introduce them to new careers and it's great that these come with their own accessories too.

Who It’s For

Kids will love the endless possibilities for creative expression and playing out campaign fun! This makes a great gift for ages 3 years old and up and is a great way to introduce them to public service and championing a cause!

What To Be Aware Of


  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy