New York Yankees Ride On Car Review (Party Animal, Inc.)

New York Yankees Ride On Car
What It Is

Now, even though we reviewed the Yankee's car, there are a few other options available for fans of other teams, including: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals! The Yankees car comes in all white with the Yankees logo across the hood. The side of the car and backside also have New York Yankees printed on them. Doors on both sides of the car open up allowing your child to jump in and out with ease. Note that only one child can fit in this car at a time. There is a seatbelt buckle included and red locks on the doors that can also secure them while inside. The stickers on the dashboard provide some realistic elements, such as a GPS map giving your kid directions to the big game!

This baby has all the bells and whistles! With LED lights, hand-stitched tan leatherette seats, keyless one-button start, and engine/horn sound effects there are endless ways for your little one to play out some fun imaginative story lines while cruising.

What's great is that children can drive it on their own, or if they need some help, parents can step in to control it with a remote. My 4-year-old, as you can see, had some trouble avoiding objects so parental assistance may be needed! Its 12-volt electric motor provides a top speed of 4 mph, transporting a young fan weighing up to 80 lbs. over driveways or sidewalks.

Kids can ride around while listening to pre-game hype, in-game play-by-play, or post-game analysis using its built-in FM radio or smartphone using the built-in USB input.

Its rechargeable battery provides up to two hours of cruising from an eight-hour charge using the included adapter. Remote requires two AA batteries. The ride-on car measures to be 46" L x 31" W x 20" H. and weighs 51 lbs. Due to its size, it may be too big to store if in a small home or apartment

Is It Fun?

Kids getting their own car is definitely great! Especially if they're young fans of any of these MLB teams. It fuels imagination while in their own car. Speed limit is just right for young kids and the remote control gives parents control.

Who It’s For

This is perfect for kids from ages 3 to 8 who would enjoy a ride-on or more specifically an MLB ride-on from one of their favorite teams!

What To Be Aware Of

Only one child can fit and the battery life I think is a bit too short.

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